Saturday, September 6, 2008

THE SOUTHERN STAR -Georges Garvarentz

NEW LINK- 2/13/11

Fine action score from Garvarentz. The Title song by Matt Monro is pretty good too! :)


Steve said...

Tony, nice one! On vinyl this one was always too expensive to take a punt on a few years back and of course now it doesn't crop up at all, so thanks for making this one available.


tony said...

Thanks steve for visiting again, and your thanks of appreciation, it goes a long way. :)

Honored General said...


Thank You for this shiny Gem!

isbum said...

@ Tony - Feel free to post if you'd like.
"Hell to Eternity" 1960 stereo Lp @320
by Leith Stevens

THXjay created some covers for it


tony said...

Thank you isbum! Many thanks to filmpac and jay as well :)