Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm certain this has been posted somewhere in blog-land, but this is my rip and I've re-arranged the Zombies songs at the end of the Paul Glass score, just to keep it flowing nicely :) N-Joy.


Steve said...

Oh my god. Do you know I've gotten to the ripe old age of 47, and considered myself somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of film music and up to this minute always thought that Phillip Glass started out with this movie. Ouch.

litlgrey said...

I saw this film on TCM a month or two ago. I didn't care for it.

No reflection on this blog though, of course!

tony said...

...well, what can I say! I've viewed many films over the years, and struggled through some that I thought were utter crap, but there is "always" something that draws me back to them...cinematography, music etc....

sysel said...

Hi Tony,
I know that it's from other topic, but I would ask you if you can kindly re-upload CALM AT SUNSET - Ernest Troost. I found your blog too late and the old link has probably expired. I would be very grateful!

liamke said...

Dear Tony,
Thanks for the warm kind of words to my blog.
McKenzie is a very great composer,i liked very much Frank & Jesse,great score!

see you,

isbum said...

Tony - Post this if you'd like to.

"The Brotherhood"
by Lalo Schifrin

You may need to rustle up a back cover though.


tony said...

Hi isbum-- will do thank you.
I'm not feeling very well at the moment, but It should pass.

isbum said...

Hope you got my "get-well" email tony.

isbum said...

@ Tony - For your readers who may be sad to see you go on hiatus, I will share these nice Fred Karlin promos.

Didn't get the attention they should at my blog, so here they are.

Filmpac stumbled across a bunch of promos by Fred Karlin!

Re-upped in order of release date
for your pleasure here.

"Death Be Not Proud" 1975 Cd @192

"Green Eyes" 1977 Cd @192

"The Last Giraffe" 1979 Cd @192

"Dream West" 1986 Cd @192

"Homeward Bound" 1986 Cd @192


Rocket From Mars said...

Hi Tony!

Just read that you're going to take a bit of time off---I hope all goes well. As always--- Good thoughts and Best Wishes! (I'm also having a bit of a rough time these days so please please believe me when I say you have my sincerest and utmost empathy.)

As always, Your Amigo---


ps---if it's at all possible drop an email every once in awhile or stop in over at 'vinyl adventures' and say 'hi'---you know how us 'colonists' still worry about our brothers across the pond ;)

isbum said...


:) I like that Rocket!

How about we all sing this one...

Rub a dub dub,
Three men in a tub,
And who do you think they be?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick maker.
Turn them out, knaves all three!

tony said...

Thanks Rocket for your encouragement.
You are a great guy, and I'm very happy to have your acquaintance here in blog-o-sphere :)
I'll be checking in here and there my friend, and thanks again!

tony said...

@isbum --Silly boy! Always great @ putting a smile back on my face :)

isbum said...

Hurry up and pass me the bucket Tony! The water's above my ankles again! ;)

Steve said...

Tony! All the best, hope your troubles soon evaporate. I'm going to be out of touch for a while whilst we pack up and get ready for our big move to warmer climes, so I hope when I get reattached to a broadband sifnal, things will be back to normal for all of us!

3410 said...

Hi, Tony.

Rather overdue, granted, but here's some bonus Bunny Lake-related Zombiness:

13 Come On Time (Bunny Lake Promo Spot)
14 Come On Time
15 Nothing's Changed (Backing Track)
16 Remember You (Soundtrack Version - Stereo Remix)
17 Just Out Of Reach (Backing Track - Stereo Remix)
18 Just Out Of Reach (Stereo Remix)
19 Nothing's Changed (Stereo Remix)
20 Remember You (Single Version - Stereo Remix)

All the best, and here's hoping your hiatus from blogging is a short one.

tony said...

@steve- thanks for your support. I appreciate it greatly. :)

@3410- Super-thanks for those extra tracks! Very kind of you my friend :)

Sophia said...

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John MM (Mooner) said...

Could you reup the covers. They seem to have vanished from the hosting site.


John MM (Mooner) said...

Tony: Could you reup the bonus tracks to the Bunny Lake.

Megaupload would be nice.