Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thanks to Isbum / Filmpac and Jay

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Nice blend of jazz / big band score for this war epic. N-Joy! :)


isbum said...

Tony - Here's another one I know your fans (&you:) will enjoy.
"Wichita Town" (Western TV score) 1960 Lp @320
by Hans J. Salter

Jason came through again with some nice covers here:

Buster said...

Tony - Many thanks to you and Isbum for this item and for everything on your very interesting blog!

THXjay said...


I've finally made it!

My covers hanging in Tony's gallery :)

No need to go overboard crediting me, they blend in really well with all your covers and I doubt anyone would know they were someone elses anyway.

Besides I only did them because that Issy was too lazy to learn Paint Shop!
He still reminds me of that song from The Sound of Music...."Idle Swine!"


Cheers fellas

isbum said...

I actually used paint shop to clean the scans up (massive water damage to the Lp cover) before sending them to you Jay.

Oinky, the idyll swine!

THXjay said...

I told you not to listen to records whilst taking a shower :)

tony said...

A pleasure to have this one, my friends, and a BIG thanks again!

...Wichita Town...coming up :)

isbum said...

@ Jason - How did you know?
My copy of "Hell and High Water" by Alfred Newman is also soaked!

So is Herrmann's "Joy in the Morning", but I'm not going into that here! ;)

Actually, I think the collection barely made it here from New Orleans.
Missing is the copy of "The Dam Busters" though. :(

Oh heck! Nobody ever has fun commenting here.
Don't know if you fellas watch the show "Heroes", but roomie and I were a while back when all of a sudden Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek showed up in New Orleans.
Roomie blurted out "How'd she get here?"
I said "She probably blew in on an Uhurracaine!"

tony said...

I always have a difficult time writing down "humorous" responses, but I do enjoy them immensely my friend :)

isbum said...

Nice to see Salter represented Tony!

This record store in Pasadena seems to have bought a very cool bunch of Lp's from a serious collector.
They are pricing them to move too.
Roomie and I are tripping out there once a week to keep an eye on what shows up in the bins.

Just like a California Gold Rush!
I love sharing them here with you Tony!

isbum said...

Bloody "word verification"!
Are you having spam issues or jerk problems?

tony said...

A little of both, but since I hate it's time to go boom!

BTW-- I use to frequent many of the old record haunts of LA, and I really miss them. "Those were the days" she sang :)

Bladeforce said...

Any chance of a repost please? :)