Tuesday, August 19, 2008

THE GEISHA BOY -Walter Scharf
For Jean


Nice score from the Jerry Lewis film. Scored by frequent composer, Walter Scharf.


Jean said...

Well I'm here Tony, I'm working and Working and I don't find the time for me. Here in your blog I feel me well I like it very much. All my thanks for this wonderful score from Walter Scharf, a very good and very rare score. For this score Walter Scharf added some more feeling than usually. I like it very much. As I told you every time, thanks to the gentleman of the Blogger.

Take care of you.


tony said...

Hello Jean. This is a lovely score indeed. I wish there were more Scharf scores released.
Please take time for yourself. Have a slurp of your favorite wine, and relax a bit. I cheers to you my friend!

Boofalo said...

Thanks for this and The Nutty Professor, Tony! Any more Walter Scharf, bring it on! I have a single called "Song From The Geisha Boy" by Jerry Lewis, a rare track of Jerry singing the title music. Let me know if you'd like to include it as a bonus track and I'll email it over.