Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frank DeVol

A short, but fun and rousing score from the ever reliable Mr. DeVol.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, wow. I just picked up a bootleg DVD of Doc Savage, The Man Of Bronze (you know--just the old VHS release ripped to DVD-R) from iOffer. I've been hesitant to watch it, though, because it was so unmercifully campy (a huge mistake in the eyes of we who take our pulp heroes seriously), yet I still remember the score and that silly theme song written for the Sousa music...

Thanks again!

tony said...

Hello there friend! Glad you dropped in! I agree with your assessment of Doc the movie. Awful stuff indeed. But fancied the score, and oddly enough, the funky theme song too! :)

THXjay said...

A guilty pleasure indeed this one!

I think the time is right for a big-budget CGI spectacular :)

The makers of "Sky Captain" should be given the job :)

Thanks Tony

isbum said...

Tony I'm putting this here because you said your email isn't working properly:
Here's "The Farmer"

Here's "Bloody Mama" @320 * I made a really nice back
cover, so you don't have to fuss with making one.

Also re-upped this very fun '60's comedy,
"Three Bites of the Apple" by Eddie Manson that I think your visitors will appreciate. *covers inside are probably not so hot. ;)

Because you may not receive this, I'll copy and paste
it on the "Doc Savage" comments.
I mean here, that it. :)

Rocket From Mars said...

Hi Tony!

Thanks for this great share. I remember seeing this movie as a kid on a cross country trip in, of all places, Las Vegas. Man-oh-man does this album bring back memories! I really appreciate it!

Be Good,
your pal---


tony said...

Hello all! Thanks for coming by, and for your comments as well. Glad everyone is enjoying this too :)

@isbum -- My email is up and running again, so I'll contact you soon!

isbum said...

You can remove my comments, links & attempts to get your attention ;) from here if you'd like.

If that happens again (your email goes goofy) just check here at your blog. :)

Honored General said...


Thank you for this fun score!

honored general


I just tried to dl the Doc Savage but the link is dead, any ideas where I can find it??

Ventilation Shaft said...

Thank you so much for the score. Just saw the film for the first time, and I must say I loved not despite, but because of the huge amount of cheese and camp.

Would love to see a "proper" film in the future, but this was really great too in its own way.

vilstef said...

This is something I truly did not expect to find! The movie looked good and some of the casting wasn't bad, but the adadptaion of Man of Bronze was quite hopeless and I'd agree with one of the earlier posts, the camp and cheese won.

orion24 said...

Link is Dead, Please Re-Upload. :)