Thursday, October 11, 2007

TOWN WITHOUT PITY -Dimitri Tiomkin


Teitur Inc. said...

Thanks Tony for including a Tiomkin score in this fantastic blog! I encourage you to continue posting good and rare film music. I've enjoyed a lot listening to composers who remained quite unknown for me until I found your second hand collection.

Thanks a lot again

tony said...

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it greatly. :)

GilinAZ said...

Tony...I mentioned this to those on Isbum's site. For some reason, I can't download with MegaUpload. The download will start, then...after a few stops. I don't have a Premium account, so was wondering if this might be the reason? I do have a Rapidshare premium account, and have no trouble with it. On MegaUpload, someone told me to disable my virus program...but I got the same download results.

Other than that, you have some marvelous scores. I was wondering if you've ever come across one called "Forbidden Island", by Alexander Laszlo?