Tuesday, October 16, 2007




isbum said...

Thanks again tony. I have run across this Lp a number of times, so, it's very nice of you to help me out by ripping a few that I had some interest in. Same goes for "Leadbelly".
If you add Rocket from Mars, we could be like The 3 Stooges of Lp rippers.
I'll be Larry, Rocket is definitely a Curley, so that leaves you as Moe!
HA! Figures you'd be Moe!

Keep :) my friend.

tony said...

You're quite welcome. Rocket is a great guy, and it goes without saying, so are you friend

Now, keep in line knucklehead! :)

isbum said...

Nyuk , nyuk! Yah moiderin' me!

mr.T said...
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mr.T said...

Very Nice score ,cheers Tony,
John Scott seems to have been a bit overlooked by Hollywood he's a major talent


tony said...

@mr.t cheers friend.
I wholeheartedly agree. It's such a shame that the majority of film makers ignore this wonderful treasure of a composer.

He's quite a nice chap as well.
I had the privilege of meeting him about 10 years ago in Los Angeles, and he was quite humble and extremely brilliant!

isbum said...

David Shire could have given
"Michael Clayton" a truely chilling score.
Instead Newton Howard Johnson put it to sleep. Shame. Damn shame.


tony said...

Ahh Yes, Mr. Shire.
Me thinks I need to post a Shire score soon.
Of course, It's difficult to find one that hasn't been posted yet...but perhaps...

ghostrider said...

THANKS A LOT TONY!!!!!!! Very nice taste regarding the music uploaded in this blog! and what a great addition! "Mountbatten"!!!! By The Way,Do U know whether there is a cd or lp for "SHOOT TO KILL"? some great music there...oh! and a last thing..do u have "Kamikaze" by Eric Serra? no cd available as far i know, i used to have the tape but it got destroyed from overplaying.. Once Again,thanks a lot!