Saturday, May 5, 2007

Imitation Of Life -Frank Skinner


jean said...

Frank Skinner as always been some of my favourite composer, i'm a collector from many years now, this where wonderfull when I see Imitation of life, i'm remember somes like "The man of a thoousand faces, Shenandoah, magnificent obsession," and there are so many others, many thanks for the beautifull score's of Back street, Madame X and Imitation of life that's very great, all thoses score are in my mind and my heart . Great? Thank You.

tony said...

A pleasure, Jean :)

JMAbreu said...

Quero expressar a minha gratidão pelo sonho realizado em ter o filme, finalmente a banda sonora do filme "Imitation Of Life -Frank Skinner" muito "obrigado" em portugues = Thank You very much!!
Gostaria de saber se existe do filme a banda sonora " Madame X.
Great!!! Thank You.
JMAbreu /Funchal Madeira - Portugal