Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something Soon!

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to touch bases and let you know that I'm still breathing.
I have a "new" post coming up!
Thanks for sticking in there with me :)


Parzival said...

Hey Tony,

long time no see!
I hope you're doing alright and I'm sorry to hear about the HD-crash w/ data loss; if I can help you replace sth. from your own collection, let me know.
Hope to see you again soon and best wishes,

tony said...

Thank you Parzival,
I may take you up on your offer :)

high fidelity said...

Hello Tony
Thanx for such nice work!
Any chance you have If it's tuesday it must be Belgium or Baby Face Nelson?

tony said...

@High Fidelity -
I may still have those, but not sure. I'll let you know asap.

high fidelity said...

Thanx a lot in advance!!!

tony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
high fidelity said...

Hi Tony
Thanx a lot!

tony said...

Glad you got it!

The Movie Queens said...

Thanks for coming back Tony! I love your blog (as you know). I have a question for you: does a score exist for "Christmas Eve," the 1986 TV film starring Loretta Young with music by Johnny Mandel that includes the gorgeous theme that was eventually turned into "Christmas Love Song" recorded by Barbra Streisand? The score rests on this lovely theme but includes some other rather striking cues. Any ideas about this one? Glad to have you back! Richard in Chicago

tony said...

@The Movie Queen -thanks for words of kindness. I'll check into the Mandel, but I'm almost positive that there hasn't been an official release. But you never know what can pop-up when you least expect it. Cheers.

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