Monday, January 5, 2009

Miles Goodman

I trust everyone had a lovely "New Year". I'm hopeful, but with reservations about the coming New Year.
Financial woes are ever so real in my life. I wish to keep this blog alive as long as possible.

Hope you enjoy this second volume of film scores from the late, great Miles Goodman.


CycyLolo said...

Totally exquisite ! Thanks a lot.

tony said...

You're very welcome.

Now, I know vol. 3 is out there, and SOMEONE has it. PLEASE share it here, as I would be very grateful :)

Lance Ashley said...

I've loved this composer since I was a wee kid. Really noticed his talents when I watched What About Bob and the score segments in Muppet Christmas Carol.

I think I found #3 on SoulSeek but I'm not sure if it's the correct track listing. If it's the real thing it is 33 tracks long.

I'm doing some more research on it...

Thanks for posting these first two.

tony said...

Thanks for visiting. Glad to share these two here. If you could let me know about Vol. 3, I'd truly appreciate it! :)

liamke said...

This is a great share my friend,
i am surprised by this compilation from Mr. Goodman,he was indeed a fantastic composer,
very nice covers,


tony said...

Hello my friend! Thank you, hopefully I find vol. 3 and post it here :)