Monday, December 8, 2008

Miles Goodman

Here's a very rare promo of selections of Film Music #1. There are some wonderful scores here from the late Miles Goodman. He died much too young.
I'll post #2 in the coming weeks.

Also, if anyone happens to have #3 in this series, I would be very grateful if you would post a link for it!


Born in Los Angeles in 1949, Mr. Goodman was a graduate of Antioch College in Ohio. He became interested in film scoring through his cousin, Johnny Mandel, an Oscar-winning film composer. When Mr. Goodman went to Hollywood, he met Oscar Castro-Neves, who became his friend and music partner. They worked together for 30 years.

Mr. Goodman worked with Mr. Mandel on the music for such movies as ''Being There'' and ''The Verdict.'' He later helped orchestrate or score music for films including ''Footloose'' and ''La Bamba.''

Mr. Goodman and Mr. Castro-Neves were also co-producers of a series of well-reviewed jazz albums. They arranged 12 selections for the successful ''Billie Holiday Songbook'' and for ''Color and Light: Jazz Sketches on Sondheim,'' which featured jazz artists interpreting the works of Stephen Sondheim.


Worldshapers/SocialProfits said...

Miles also worked with Doug Brayfield, an Antioch classmate.

Laurent said...

Wonderful !!! I've been looking for this rare compilation for a long tim. Thanks a lot :-)

liamke said...

this is a great share my friend!!!!
I have been surprised by this compilation,he was indeed a fantastic composer.
Very nice covers,BRAVO!

Thank you,