Friday, November 28, 2008

THE LAST DON -Roger Bellon / Angelo Badalamenti

Here's an excellent score from a relatively unknown composer. Themes are by Angelo Badalamenti (who is quite well known :)
All thanks to original uploader. Custom covers by me :)


illustrationISM said...

Hello Tony -

You seem to be the master of obscure and rare soundtracks!!
do you have the magic
to bring to the surface
the 1993
[ with defoe and surandon -
music by michael been?? ]

i'll send you a christmas present if you can!!

thanx ahead of time - mark jaquette
eugene, oregon

tony said...

Thanks for stopping by.

That is an obscure score. I don't have it, and I've done a little searching around, with no luck so far.
I will let you know if I turn anything up.

Jeff said...

Light Sleeper here we go

tony said...

Wow! Thank you Jeff for passing this one along.

I'll post the link on the front page of the blog as well! :)