Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank You Isbum and Eagle Dave


Please NOTE:
This is not a commercial release. The music and artwork are fan-made. When and if this title is released commercially, it will be removed from this blog.
ALWAYS support official releases. Thank You. :)


litlgrey said...

Oh my god! Where is all this incredible Mellé bounty coming from??

tony said...

Thank you for your appreciative can also donate to keep my blog alive...hint...hint :)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I can take a hint!

(...And if you keep posting Gil Melle, my head's gonna pop off so hard it'll ricochet off the ceiling! Hint! Hint!)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

...Well, I can take a hint, but I get an "Internal Server Error" message from PayPal when I click on the wine glass. Will hit it again later...

tony said...

@billywichdoctor -many thanks for your kind donation! I appreciate it greatly.
I have another Melle' coming up today!

James Anthony Phillips said...

Any Gil Melle soundtracks out there are illegal bootlegs and I can prove it. So don't be fooled by this. I have just forwarded this site to the legal heir of Mr. Melle and to the film company.

litlgrey said...

Thank you, Mr. Wet Blanket, sir! We kind of KNEW that!

James Anthony Phillips said...

TO: litlgrey

First of all, as a professional, unlike you, who "kind of knew" that you were dealing with bootleg cd-r's, acts like this prevent legit companies from releasing quality sounding recordings of Mr. Melle's work. I would gladly debate this issue in person or on any forum that you like. At least, you know who I am.

litlgrey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
litlgrey said...

No, I do not know who you are.

However, as a frequenter of music blogs, I have encountered people like yourself before.

First, I would like to make clear, this is not my blog. I have no connection with it.

Second, I can tell you that what you find most of all is that blogs of this kind prove one thing: The commercially unavailable work of composers from bygone years and films remain more appreciated than people in the record and film industries would ever believe.

Third, you will find that since there is no financial gain from the MP3 rips and the fan art of Melle's offered here, there is little to be achieved by threatening the Long Arm of the Law to the blogger.

Third Point Five, if you find posting this work objectionable from any legitimate standpoint, your best course of action is simply and politely to request that the blogger, Tony, remove these offerings. What you would likely find is that your request would probably be honored within twelve hours.

Fourth, by attempting to catch flies with the opposite of sugar, the chilling effect will most probably make certain that listeners will NOT clamor for legitimately released soundtracks by that composer, even in small niche quantities. That is to say, you're probably dissuading listeners from seeking out any Melle soundtrack CD releases which might ever appeared - assuming such things would ever truly have happened.

But before jumping to the strongarm, Mr. Phillips, and keeping in mind that Mr. Melle himself was so disilllusioned with the music industry that he essentially moved his creative attentions to visual art including scuplture, why not simply begin by ASKING the blogger if he will oblige a simple, polite request to remove the offending works?

You might be pleasantly surprised at the results of such a respectful and non-litigious request.

Give humanity a shot today! Try it! Feel free to chime in here, Tony.

James Anthony Phillips said...

Gil Melle was a personal friend of mine. I've interviewed him and kept a running email and monthly phone correspondence with him for the last two years of his life. The phone conversations usually lasted for three hours and the last one was less than a month before his death in 2004. In fact, at his wife's urging, received a call the night he died from his art publicist and wrote an obituary in a film music publication. I will be staying with his widow at their house next month, so do not presume to know what was in Gil's mind when he left the film music business. What we are trying to do is legitimately produce and release his scores and when I see people on eBay selling cd-r's ripped from videos and dvds,as the original soundtrack, this only compounds the problem with movie studios.

Now, I agree with you that his music, along with many others need to be out there, but I object when bloggers may unintentional mislead people thinking that this is a real release of an unknown score. Specialty companies like Film Score Monthly, Intrada, SAE, MMM, Percepto, and LaLaLand Records have enough problems with rights issues from indifferent studios. However, there are good guys who do care and are working on the problem at Warner Bros, Sony, Fox, and to a lesser extent, for now, Universal.

litlgrey said...

I agree with you! I most certainly wish yourself and Ms. Melle (if she continues to go by that august name) the best in the pursuit of legitimate releases. Indeed, you mentioned the best of the niche CD soundtrack labels.

I find myself as awed by the full-out atonal majesty of the score for "The Andromeda Strain" as by minor work he did for NBC's Mystery Wheel. Having not seen any of it, I am given to understand that his visual art - much like his music - is infused with an almost spiritual love of mathematics.


tony said...

Ok....fair enough, and sorry for the late reply. I have personal family issues I'm dealing with , and don't check each reply as often as I should...That said, I will gladly remove any Melle' post if I am in error. Just say the word :)

James Anthony Phillips said...

Dear Tony,

Now we are communicating! Before it was just badmouthing, but I do understand personal family issues -- I am human and had to put a hold on graduate school to take care of a sick partner. I can say that there are legititmate soundtrack releases of Gil Melle scores in the works, but for now I cannot say which ones. When they are released, I would be happy to send you the word or even a copy.

Keep doing what you are doing but at least let readers know the difference between actual releases and fan art and the real deal. A friend of mine sent me a very good copy of THE FILM MUSIC OF BILLY GOLDENBERG with music from the Colombo episode 'Ransom for a Dead Man' which was never commercially released. I also have his score to THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE, a pretty good suspenser with Gene Hackman.

All the best,

tony said...

Thank you for understanding the situation. And I will absolutely let everyone know that these are not commercial releases.
I'm very excited to hear that some of his scores are to be released.
As you and I both know, he is sadly unrepresented on cd, and was a brilliant composer.
Keep in touch :)