Friday, May 16, 2008

L'AFRICAIN -Georges Delerue



riddim1903 said...

Dear Tony,

Thank you very much for posting up this score from the "beloved" Delerue's trasure chest.

I actually do want to see if you'd permit me to post it on my little blog I recently started. So that you can see the blog, please send me an e-mail so I can send an invitation to you at


I intend to open up the blog to common use soon, but being new and not very experienced in establishing "own blog" and since I am also still dealing with kinks ;) I chose to have it this way in the beginning.

You can review my blog after sending me an invitation request and if you'd like to let me post it, you can certainly give your blessings via the use of the same e-mail or here.

Many thanks for the great work you share with us all.



tony said...

I sent you an email friend :)

riddim1903 said...

I responded to it Tony. You are indeed very kind.

Miguel Ángel said...

-I'm a tru lover of Delerue's music, but i'm afraid the MASSMIRROR archives doesn't work. The page is only about upload archives, not about download.
By the way,I think this is a really good blog. Thanks for all

Inn said...

This page - not active. Thanks