Saturday, December 1, 2007

FOREVER YOUNG, FOREVER FREE - Lee Holdridge (BIG thank you to my friend Isbum )


Filmscore said...

Thank you for this post. Well, frankly thank you for all your posts. Yours is one of the best blogs going. More Roy Budd or blaxploitation soundtracks would be appreciated. I wish you actually had the "Swingin Eye" album posted. I also notice that you have the 1970 Dorian Gray poster on your page, I actually have an original one of those on my wall. I have bits and pieces of the soundtrack from various collections, but I'd love to find a full release of it. But I digress... Keep up the great work. Cheers.

Blueloveway said...

dear friends...First,thank you for your site..I search this unknown song at 7 years but ı can't learn this song's name and which orchestra? this song's link is but which orchestra??Michel Legrand?Francis Lai?Paul Mauriat??Raymond Lefevre?can you help me please friends?write me please..I think this unknown song is French soundtrack..When I learn I will be happy...

tony said...

@filmscore - Thank you kindly for your comments. I do have quite a few Roy Budd I could post. I'm trying to cover every genre as possible, yet keeping the scores from 1950's to 1980's.

As far as Dorian Gray. I love the music, but like you only have a few tracks. A full release would be a welcome one indeed :)

Oh, and Swingin' Eye is somewhere among my mp3s. I'll look for it.


tony said...

@blueloveway -

Not sure the title and composer is. It's quite nice though.

Perhaps you should email the one who posted the video clip. I would assume they would know?

tony said...

@filmscore -

Here a link to "Swingin' Eye" courtesy of THE CRIME LOUNGE.

Filmscore said...

@tony (& the crime lounge)

Thank you very much for the link. And covering multiple genres is definitely a good thing.

tony said...

@filmscore -

You're quite welcome :)

GoblinScore said...

Hey-a Tony!

Finally got around to spinning this one today, and wanted to thank you for another wonderful share :)
Sounds like Roy Budd, at least in the playing & mixing, in parts....this is really nice little gem, and I really enjoyed it! :)

sexy said...


galipolis said...

Hello Tony,
I know it is years ago since you uploaded Lee Holdridge's FOREVER YOUNG FOREVER FREE Soundtrack.
Unfortunately I discovered Holdridge's marvellous score only
just recently and would like to hear it. So I may ask you if it is possible to re-upload again?
Thanks for your help. Regards, Klaus.