Thursday, August 16, 2007

I,THE JURY -Bill Conti


Zé Carlos said...

Do you have EDDA DEL ORSSO please please please tel - me

tony said...

No, sorry :(

Bobby said...

Great post Tony. I wish the Varese CD Club would release this one and Bad Boys since they've been doing such a great job with Conti's unreleased scores. I bought F/X as soon as it was released. Another great one that I know will never see the light of day is the Terry Fox Story, an HBO film from 20 years ago.

tony said...

Hi Bobby, thanks for your comment.
I agree, there are so many excellent Conti scores untapped, as it were.
I'd snatch them up asap as well.
Come by soon, I'll have another unreleased Conti up this week. :)

latadezinc said...

ta again
what are your favourite noir soundtracks?

warlock said...

haaaa !! good...a real version of this score..mot part of the time there were only two tracks included in the old "Gloria" version...thanks for that tony ;)

tony said...

@warlock -

You're welcome friend.
Your blog is fantastic as well! :)

ellerre said...

great post! (vistit my italian blog

eric said...

Much love for this blog! You got some great stuff!

tony said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Nick said...

Hi Tony
Thank you so much for this great blog. I'm a score collecter and fan since i was a teenager.
Your collection is really great!
Is there a chance to get Bill Conti's score from "The Big Fix" (ca 1978, starring Richard Dreyfuss)?
All the best from Switzerland

Gory Freddy said...

Megaupload is dead. Is it possible to have a new link for 'I the Jury' please ?